Building a better response to climate change.

If you’re reading this, you’re probably familiar with climate change. But what you might not know is this: energy efficiency is a great way to counter climate change. And we have 18,000+ members dedicated to saving energy. These members work in many fields, including, but not limited to, energy engineering, energy management, alternative energy, power generation, energy services, and sustainable development.

Efficiency is everything.

Our members improve energy efficiency across the built environment. Using the latest strategies, technologies, and systems, they help buildings perform better, reach EUI requirements, and reduce their carbon footprints. Sometimes this is done by planning for new construction. Other times, they’re able to retrofit older buildings. In both cases, our engineers use energy efficiency to improve heating, cooling, water, lighting, appliances, insulation, and manufacturing equipment. Each system runs better. And climate change takes a step back.

Our members are zeroed in on carbon.

Not every building can reach a net-zero carbon footprint. However, every building can be optimized in some way. AEE members conduct carbon audits to identify and eliminate waste. This helps companies and organizations reduce their carbon footprint, which ultimately helps counteract climate change.

Energy engineers help the world protect the planet.

Our members are key collaborators between governments, businesses and communities. Across the globe, our members work with policymakers, regulators, and stakeholders to interpret trends and legal requirements, conduct audits, identify reduction opportunities, set up GHG management programs, and report carbon emissions in compliance with local and international standards. Our members also have a deep understanding of the Paris climate agreement, Kyoto Protocol, and other guidelines published by the UN, WRI, ISO, and WBCSD. It’s vital that everyone has a regulatory framework and implements these measures quickly and effectively.

About AEE

The Association of Energy Engineers is a global organization promoting the scientific and educational interests of the energy industry. Our members focus on alternative energy sources and how they benefit the world at-large. Better energy saves people money, reduces carbon emissions, and curbs climate change. These benefits propel our members forward, each and every day.

Founded in 1977 " foster action for Sustainable Development.”

AEE is an Observer Organization to UNFCC >>

About AEE